Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cutter & Buck, we believe that every person is unique and valuable. We believe in providing a responsible and ethical work environment for our employees. We believe in treating all people with respect and dignity and we expect our suppliers to uphold similar values. Cutter & Buck seeks vendors that strive to maintain sustainable social and environmental business practices. We believe that organizations that are socially and environmentally responsible are better equipped to succeed and prosper in a rapidly changing world.

Our compliance partners, FLA, QCA, Bureau Veritas and CTPAT, provide the foundation and structure of our compliance program. Our commitment to the Fair Labor Association (FLA) is based on our corporate values regarding worker rights, safe and healthy work conditions and the fair and equitable treatment of all persons responsible for the manufacture of Cutter & Buck garments throughout our supply chain. Cutter & Buck’s participation with the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) is focused on ensuring product quality and safety for our consumers, with keen focus on a safe supply chain, workers right and environmental stewardship. Bureau Veritas serves as our designated 3rd-party provider of independent social compliance audits. These are regularly conducted at the overseas suppliers where our products are made as well as our own domestic facilities. The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a voluntary and collaborative program which uses best practices in supply chain security that support the initiatives of Homeland Security.

Our company culture places a high value on our employees and suppliers by adopting these principles into the management of our supply chain. Cutter & Buck is committed to assuring workers a safe workplace with a code of conduct and a fair wage and a supply chain that focuses on product safety, environmental sustainability and safeguards from intrusion.




Cutter & Buck is a Participating member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA). We believe in business solutions that are sustainable from a social and environmental perspective. Our corporate values are based on worker rights, safe and healthy working conditions and fair and equitable treatment.

The FLA Workplace Code of Conduct applies to every aspect of our business and we expect suppliers to share and uphold similar values. When differences or conflicts in standards arise, companies shall apply whichever requirements are more stringent.

FLA runs a monitoring scheme to ensure compliance with the Workplace Code. Suppliers can be subject to announced and unannounced audits as part of the verification process. Respect the integrity of our compliance auditors and those acting on our behalf, so that they may perform the assigned assessment.