Toward Ever Better

We are committed to sustainability, creating long lasting products through sustainable production practices. We focus our Sustainability Objectives in three areas: Sustainable Products, Sustainable Operations, and Sustainable Production.

Committed to Sustainability

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The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Fashion: Ethical Choices for a Greener Wardrobe

If you’re looking to make more ethical choices when it comes to your clothes, you’re in the right place, reading the right blog.

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3 Reasons to Consider Sustainable Clothing in 2024

We’re reinforcing our promise to produce more sustainable clothing, which is all part of our Toward Ever Better sustainability commitment. The mission?


5 Excellent Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2024

With planet protection and investment top of mind, here are a few ways to honor Earth Day— and all of Earth Month 2024!

Cutter and Buck Sustainable Clothing

Founded in 1990, we still create the golf apparel you love but now we’ve expanded our focus to sustainability. On top of creating eco-friendly apparel, Cutter and Buck has committed to protecting our Earth and its people with our Toward Ever Better initiative. Our sustainability objective has three parts: sustainable apparel and products, sustainable operations, and sustainable production.