Toward Ever Better

We are committed to sustainability, creating long lasting products through sustainable production practices. We focus our Sustainability Objectives in three areas: Sustainable Products, Sustainable Operations, and Sustainable Production.

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harmony is possible

Committed to 90% sustainable products by 2025, Cutter & Buck believes harmony is possible between business, nature and society in sustainable apparel.

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Sustainable Operations

Zero Air Freight & Digital Materials

Cutter & Buck eliminated 99% of all air-freight from our supply chain. Why? Shipping via sea freight reduces CO2 emissions on an average rate of 20-30X.

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Sustainable Production

Fair Labor Organization

We’re an affiliate of the Fair Labor Association to ensure equitable treatment of everyone throughout our supply chain. Accountability and transparency are key.

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Committed to Sustainability

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Eco-Friendly Clothing: Cutter and Buck Sustainability & Social Responsibility

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Sustainable Clothing at Cutter & Buck's NFL Shop

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Celebrate Earth Day with Cutter & Buck

Celebrate Earth Day with Cutter & Buck

The social responsibility we have as a company.

Cutter and Buck Sustainable Clothing

Founded in 1990, we still create the golf apparel you love but now we’ve expanded our focus to sustainability. On top of creating eco-friendly apparel, Cutter and Buck has committed to protecting our Earth and its people with our Toward Ever Better initiative. Our sustainability objective has three parts: sustainable apparel and products, sustainable operations, and sustainable production.